Splitting string in Powerapps & Flow

It gives me immense pleasure to share my knowledge to all the tech community who are facing issue with Power Apps & Flow . So let me explain my scenario in my below screen shot.

Open the below URL – http://flow.microsoft.com

search Powerapps template – click on give name InsertRecordFlow








use the Split expression in flow to split the comma separated disease name split(triggerBody()[‘Insertrow_DiseaseNAME’],’,’)

Select the Apply to each (Foreach loop)template catch the output from compose output will return you an array e.g-[a,b,c,d,e,….]

Now read the item one by one inside the Apply to each by using the item method in expression


I am checking the blank value in condition expression inside the foreach use the Create Item SharePoint template to insert the multiple record in SharePoint.


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Happy Coding !!



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