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Edit Document requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application and web browser

If  you are getting an error below while editing the documents in SharePoint and Office 365 Please follow the suggested workaround. Error 1 –  trying to edit the excel document from browser   Error 2 –  Editing document from ECB menu.   Workaround – to fix the above issue Go to run  -Open RegEdit –

Differences between SharePoint OnPrem vs SP Online

In this post we are going to explain the difference between SharePoint OnPrem Vs SharePoint Online.  Basic Differences SP On Premises SP Online The SharePoint server farm is within the corporate network. The IT Support team maintains the SharePoint farm and regularly applies Microsoft patches and updates. On premise, Active directory is used for authentication.

“Upgrade Required” Status in SharePoint 2013 Central Administration Servers in Farm

Problem –  “Upgrade Required” error message in SharePoint 2013 server farm? Background – After the service pack installation was completed I notice that “Upgrade Require” message was appearing in Central admin server farm as shown in below screenshot. I run the configuration wizard right after the installation of Service Pack but the farm status continues to show